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At the turn of the century, if you could see the future, what would you have done?

Published on 11/23/2019 | Author: Charlie Neil

What do presidential bribery scandals, multinational mega-corporations, untraceable cryptocurrency, and foreign slush funds have in common? Wyoming.

After the weirdness surrounding the Thankful Thursday event, I started looking into Wyoming’s involvement with shady organizations and businesses over the last century.

There’s a lot.

Many say that Wyoming wasn’t founded by people, it was founded by The Union Pacific Railroad, at the time one of the largest companies in America. Rumor has it that when the Capitol was built, they built a more expensive train depot right across from it to remind the government who owned Wyoming.

But it goes deeper than that, here are some more fun examples I’ve managed to dig up:

Teapot Dome

Around 1913, President William Howard Taft reserved several large oil fields in Wyoming for military use. One of these reserves was called the Teapot Dome Oilfield. It was incredibly valuable – producing large amounts of oil for the US military.

Ten years later, President Harding’s administration accepted bribes to lease the land to one of the largest oil companies on earth. After it came to light, it became one of the biggest corruption scandals in United States history.

And then, over the next few years, it disappeared out of the public eye. It almost vanished overnight. Researching it was difficult. Like so many strange things that happened in Wyoming, it‘s almost like history is being actively erased.

The Little House of Secrets

Just under 100 years later, another global controversy. A small two-bedroom house in Wyoming was born.

This little house was the headquarters for over 2,000 businesses. Some were humongous multinational mega-corporations.

They were all based out of Wyoming, out of a single house. Supposedly it was because Wyoming is so friendly to these types of giant businesses – but so are a whole bunch of other states. There’s something else that’s attracting these businesses here.

The Panama Papers

A few years later. In 2015 an anonymous attorney leaked 11.5 million documents containing information on how dozens of world leaders and thousands of mega-corporations were hiding money in Panama via shell companies.

Want to know where a lot of those companies were registered? Wyoming.

Cryptocurrency Haven

Finally, in 2019, Wyoming became the first state to allow cryptocurrency banks. Almost immediately, it became the new mecca for untraceable currency.


So what does all this mean? I don’t know for sure, but I have an idea. Think about it. The United States was quickly becoming a world superpower in the late 1800s, and what would be the best way to secure power? You could bribe a congressman, buy an election, or maybe you could form a new State in the least inhospitable place in America.

It was the Union Pacific’s plan at first. They designed it to be as friendly to their business as possible. I don’t think they realized it at the time or not, but they also made it just as inviting for others as well, oil companies, coal companies, banks, you name it.

I think Wyoming, from the very beginning, was designed to be a corporate conglomerate disguised as a state. It allows companies around the world to have global political sway in the most direct way.

Businesses outnumber people here almost one hundred to one, and that’s because this isn’t a state for people, it’s a state for corporations.